Salt bath nitriding (sbn)

Sbn is a multi step process that provides a very uniform consistent nitride layer on your components

The ovens at metcor can handle parts up to 45″ in diameter and 52″ long with different finishes available. sbn qpq is a thermo-chemical processes intended for the case hardening of iron based metals. these processes are categorized as molten salt bath ferritic nitro-carburizing.


  • Improved Wear Resistance
  • Improved Running Properties
  • Increased Fatigue and Rolling Fatigue Strengths
  • Heat Resistance
  • Black Color


  • lncludes the properties of Q
  • Lower coefficient of Friction
  • Decreased surface roughness



  • lncludes the properties of Q and QP
  • Low Light Reflection
  • Further Decreased Coefficient of Friction
  • Enhanced Corrosion Resistance (Not suitable for stainless)

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