Industry Sectors

Metcor is proud to have nearly 75 years of experience as a supplier in many sectors

Metcor is proud to have nearly 75 years of experience as a supplier in many sectors including the aerospace, automotive, heavy transportation, construction and mining equipment, defense, nuclear, consumer products and tool & die industries. Metcor’s customer base is extremely diversified as it meets the heat-treatment needs of every size operation from small local machine shops to fortune 500 companies in every major sic code.

Metcor’s extensive facilities cater to any size project from the smallest ball bearings to landing gear for large commercial aircraft.
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From the smallest nuts and bolts to landing gear for commercial and military aircraft, Metcor has serviced this industry for nearly 75 years. Metcor is fully NADCAP certified. Metcor can provide rapid turnaround times for critical components and AOG.

State-of the-art instrumentation allows us to provide high performance mechanical properties while controlling deformation of sensitive parts for this highly specialized industry.

Specialized processes developed for the Canadian and American defense industry.

Power Systems:
Service, quality and reliability are the main contributing factors that have allowed us to establish long-standing relationships within this industry.

Our metallurgists have provided numerous cost-saving alternatives while improving quality and efficiency.

Specialized production and quality systems established especially for the automotive industry with an emphasis on large volume throughput and more with our ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified facility.

Agriculture/Forestry and Food:
Specialized processes for these industries include US and Canadian government approval for food processing and packaging equipment.